Educational Toys for Children Learn English Simple Word Search Bundle WorkSheets Interactive Phonics Coloring Practice Book Kids

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Size: A4 (21*29.7cm)

Product Description:  

Size: A4 (21*29.7cm)
 Material: Printed in 80g copy paper with drawbar for each set, not binding.


Sight Word Searches: This is a set of  simple sight word searches. They are created in a clear font and words appear across and down only. No words are diagonal, backwards or overlapped. Students also write the words in the matching word boxes and complete a simple sentence that includes one of the sight words (with & without sentence starter). A great addition to your sight word activities! 

The following words are included:
Set 1  included: 
List 1: the, to, and, he, a, I, you, it, of, in, was, said, his, that, she, for, on, they, but, had
List 2: at, him, with, up, all, look, is, her, there, some, out, as, be, have, go, we, am, then, little, down
List 3: could, when, do, did, can, what, so, see, not, were, get, them, like, one, this, my, would, me, will, yes
List 4: big, went, are, come, if, now, long, no, came, ask, very, an, over, your, its, ride, into, just, blue, red
List 5: from, good, any, about, around, want, don't, how, know, right, put, too, got, take, were, every, pretty, jump, green, four
Set 2  included:
List 6: away, old, by, their, here, saw, call after, well, think, ran, let, help, make, going, sleep, brown, yellow, five, six
List 7: walk, two, or, before, eat, again, play, who, been, may, stop, off, never, seven, eight
List 8: tell, much, keep, give, work, first, try, new, must, start, black, white, ten, does, bring, goes, write, always, drink, once
List 9: soon, made, run, gave, open, has, find, only, us, three, our, better, hold, buy, funny, warm, ate, full, those, done
List 10: use, fast, say, light, pick, hurt, pull, cut, kind, both, sit, which, fall, carry, small, under, read, why, own, found.
CVC words are included:
lip, web, box, pan, bug, bib, can, bun, cob, wet, cut, dog, big, mat, vet, hug, dip, bed, cat, fog, hen, bus, jar, dig, dot, den, fin, gum, cob, mad, nap, men, fix, jug, hog, ham, jet, hut, fox, hip, mat, dug, bin, net, hop, log, hit, pad, ten, mug, nut, mix, bag, mop, pet, dad, pin, pop, sun, leg, tub, wig, pot, pen, fan, rug, rob, tap, rex, pig, cup, tag, sit, pod, wed, cab, tin, cub, rod, peg, six, jam, hot, mud, beg, kid, tug, hat, top, fed, kit, rat, ten, jog, bud, pit, pup, bat, gem & mom
Free included:
Number Words : one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Color/Colour Words : red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, pink, black, white 
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