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Product Name: Magnetic Spelling King

Product weight: 1.35KG

Product packaging: color box

Packing size: 31*24.5*8CM

Floor size: 25*15.5cm

Packing quantity: 30PCS

Package Included: magnetic card 6pcs, a manual, a wooden box.

Six Features:

☆Develop left and right brain

☆ Exercise dexterity

☆Cultivate contrast

☆ Training color recognition

☆ Improve puzzle skills

Product More Features:

1. It can spell many colorful, lovely words.

2. According to the puzzle, the colorful radical heads are composed of the stroke structures of Chinese characters.

3. Let your baby learn Chinese characters quickly.

4. By the method of Lenovo, from the well-known objects, images, quantities, and bits, the associated Chinese characters are derived.

5. Master the structure of Chinese characters

6. Through differences in the same way, children can accurately distinguish Chinese characters.

7. Correctly understand Chinese characters

8. By looking at real objects, pictures, and phrases, we understand the meaning of Chinese characters based on the image.

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